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The ‘Culture of Cutting Back’

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This week, I was given my sister’s ‘old’ iPhone. Being without a phone for a month was quite the feat but I wash happy to have access again to those who live far and near me.
Enamoured and fascinated by these different applications, games, time-wasters that come with the iPhone, I truly got lost in every little game and feature I could simply download in a matter of seconds.
Excitedly, I came across a category entitled: “Health & Wellness” apps. Assuming I would be able to download some nifty ‘meditation-on-the-go’ apps or positive quotes.  Although these options were indeed available, I came across some other apps. Calorie counters, ‘Cutting is back,’ ‘Losing it’ and the list could go on.  These apps were free, accessible, and had an otherwise, were marketed in a way that put a ‘positive’ and ‘productive’ spin on controlling one’s weight.  There was a notable absence on apps that encouraged personal well-being, acceptance, and personal development.
How is it that in such a materialized culture, we are encouraged to live big and own these elaborate devices, yet when it comes to our bodies, we must ‘cut back’?
Is this simply an expression of an increased value of our external surroundings over our own health, body, and happiness? 

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