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Under one month until Rock for Charity 2.0

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Rock for Charity 2.0 is under one month away. That means that in 30-days, the El Mocambo could be filled to capacity with people of all ages listening to local bands Four Nines Fine, Highway Lights, Couriers, TNG, House of Coconuts, Ravyn Red and Eric Conlon of Lambs Become Lions. The audience will be bopping to the sounds of the Greater Toronto Area: Acoustic, rock, alternative, indie and hard-rock.
A photo booth called “Ladies not Barbies, Men not Ken” celebrating how wonderful we are in our own skin will also be set up. Attendees can get their photo taken with a donation and then receive their photo via e-mail.

The photo booth idea was sparked by the media attention surrounding Valeria Lykyano, the 21-year-old Ukranian model from Russia who has undergone countless surgeries to have the face and body of  Barbie.

Rock for Charity 2.0 will celebrate the skin we were born in and the lives we have been given, as well as honour self-worth and self-love.

So, come out on June 21 to Rock for Charity 2.0 at the El Mocambo in Toronto to celebrate summer, happiness and love.

Doors open at 7:00pm. The show begins at 7:30pm. Tickets are $10 at the door, or $8 with a canned food donation that will support the El Mocambo’s food drive. All proceeds will go to EDOYR.

In January, we hosted Rock for Charity (the original in the concert series). Volunteers raised $1,407 the night of the concert, but EDOYR received a call earlier that day from a new friend of the organization who said they would match whatever was raised at the event. In total, Rock for Charity raised $2,814.

Those funds helped EDOYR provide support for people suffering from eating disorders as well as for their families and friends. It has also helped EDOYR continue outreach initiatives across the community that spread eating disorder awareness and education.

Ultimately, the funds, friends and awareness we can raise together benefit everyone in the community. Whether we know it or not, someone we know is suffering from some sort of disordered eating or eating disorder. We are all affected.

RSVP online, today.

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