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Through this online art blog/gallery we can encourage, inspire and share hope with one another…We invite who you to share your “NAPS” (News, Art ,Poetry, Songs) or inspirations. Email if you would like to share inspirations. Please note we can not post advice with regards to nutrition and exercise.

Friends of EDOYR host second Rock for Charity event at the El Mocambo

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On the way down to the El Mocambo on Thurs. June 21, the event organizers found this in the sky: Some inspiration! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Doors opened at Rock for Charity 2.0 at 7pm. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Rae Smith is a university student who started “The Love Yourself Challenge,” a blog initiative that spreads self-awareness. On the blog, she posts these culture jamming images above, as well as others. She gave EDOYR permission to use these images at Rock for Charity 2.0. Thanks for being such a great friend-raiser, Rae! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Our booth! For less than what it would cost to see a movie, guests were admitted into an awesome event with bands from all across the Greater Toronto Area. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

And the preparation for Rock for Charity 2.0 begins! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Sound check! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

House of Coconuts opens the show and gets the party started! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

The El Mo gets loud with TNG on Thurs. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Ravyn Red performs their original song, “My Time” among others. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Inside the El Mo! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Couriers take the stage after a quick intermission and rock the El Mo! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Highway Lights performs their original track, “Run With Me” among others at the El Mo. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Outside Toronto’s most famous and historic venue. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Eric Conlon plays hits by his band, Lambs Become Lions. Contact EDOYR at if you’d like a CD with a donation of five-dollars or more. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Also with a five-dollar donation, you can pick up juggling balls, symbols of the challenges and opportunities in life. Photo by: Leviana Coccia
Members of the band Couriers show us their juggling skills. Photo by: Leviana Coccia

Jer Schell of Four Nines Fine, one of the bands scheduled to play at Rock for Charity 2.0 who were unable to due to an emergency, won our 50/50 event draw. He donated all the money to EDOYR. Thanks Jer! Photo by: Leviana Coccia

In January, EDOYR hosted our very first Rock for Charity. Here, Natalia, Administrative Assistant, signed the famous walls of the El Mocmbo. Photo by: Leviana Coccia
Four Nines Fine left their mark in January, too. Even though the band couldn’t perform on Thurs., we still kept the band in our thoughts all throughout the night. Photo by: Leviana Coccia

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