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We have 200 car wash tickets (that don’t expire)!

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Leviana Coccia, Events and Communications Coordinator, holds 200 car wash tickets. If EDOYR sells every single one, we can provide five Stages of Change workshops. Have you gotten yours yet?

Who doesn’t love a clean car? The shiny metal glistening on a hot summer day, no bug guts on the windshield, no streaks left behind…I can keep going, but I’ll spare you.

I picked up 200 car wash tickets this morning from Richmond Hill Honda for your convenience. These tickets do not expire!

Will you pick up pumpkins in October or a Holiday tree in December? Will your car need a wash in the middle of winter? Will you roll through some mud or a big nasty puddle in the spring?
No matter how your car got dirty, you can use your car wash tickets at Richmond Hill Honda whenever the Service Department is open.

You can come on over to the EDOYR office in Aurora, purchase as many tickets as you’d like and use them at any time. The tickets are five dollars and three from each will benefit EDOYR.

If we sell each of the 200 tickets, we’ll be able to provide five Stages of Change workshops: Sessions that explore the possibility of change. Attendees discover where they are in their journey of recovery as they expore the changes they are seeking. The costs and benefits of changing eating disorder behaviours will be presented as well as barriers and healthy coping strategies.

Since everyone loves a car wash, you’re all invited to EDOYR’s benefit car wash at Richmond Hill Honda where friendly Honda employees will wash your car (and your friends’ and family members’ cars) in the Service Department! Like those tickets we’re selling, a car wash is five dollars and three dollars from each will benefit EDOYR.

E-mail or call us at 905 886 6632 for more information.

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