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Through this online art blog/gallery we can encourage, inspire and share hope with one another…We invite who you to share your “NAPS” (News, Art ,Poetry, Songs) or inspirations. Email if you would like to share inspirations. Please note we can not post advice with regards to nutrition and exercise.

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Songs to Recovery Mementos!


Ron Beer
Rene and Nyanna Flynn
Matt Gerber
Alan Hatton
Harold Hutchings
Paul Jones
Jeff Locke
Rick Macmillan
Maureen Munsie
Thérèse Patton
John Roveda
Chuck Weafer
Tim Woodger

Thank you to Orleans Restaurant for hosting the event.

Thank you to Greg King Photography:

Click here to view the Songs to Recovery slideshow!

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To This Day Project – Shane Koyczan

A very powerful and inspiring video made by Shane Koyczan, who was bullied a lot as a kid.

“My experiences with violence in schools still echo throughout my life but standing to face the problem has helped me in immeasurable ways. Schools and families are in desperate need of proper tools to confront this problem. This piece is a starting point.” – Shane

Shane Koyczan “To This Day” confronts bullying.
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or on Twitter –

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Tune in to “Mind Matters” tonight at 8:00 p.m.!

You may want to tune in for Mind Matters, a live show, tonight, February 20th at 8pm.  The show airs on Rogers TV, check your online TV guide for channel specifics.

I am a recovering compulsive gambler. Tonight’s show will focus on gambling addiction.  Peter Chen, my gambling counsellor from Problem Gambling Service will also be a guest.

A little history about me, my 12 year career was in the casino industry (dealer/manager in table games) and I became addicted to slot machines.  After countless lapses, I decided to quit my job and commit to the recovery process.  Currently, I am a student at Seneca College in the Social Service Worker program.  I have not gambled in over 18 months.

Topics likely to be discussed are:

1)  Signs of problem gambling and readiness for change.

2)  Recovery from problem gambling and what it involves.

3)  Impact of problem gambling on individual, family and friends.

4)  Impact of working in a casino environment.

5)  Where to go for help and information regarding gambling related problems.

6)  Dealing with stigma of gambling addiction.

7)  Similarities and differences to substance abuse.

8)  Demystifying counselling.

This promises to be an interesting show and will include a phone-in component.  If you would like to call-in the number is 1-877-222-5310.  If you are unable to call in tonight, you can reach me at until April 11, 2013 or you can reach me anytime on twitter, @JasonApplebaum.

As part of my studies, I am a placement student at Eating Disorders of York Region and am focused on advocating the stages of recovery model, which can be applied to all addictions, not just gambling.  Upon graduating, I would like to enter the Responsible Gambling sector and help educate the public on how to gamble safely and mitigate harms from gambling.

I hope you find this helpful.

Jason Applebaum