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recovery network: Toronto – “I am learning to feel alive”

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This blog post talks about grief, particularly, a meditation which allowed a woman to connect with her emotions and open her heart to feel again…

I have no memories of loving my parents.  They were good people, they provided well for the seven of us, but I was not able to grieve when they died.  What probably happened when I was a toddler was simply a moment of convergence of my own emotional fragility and my mother’s.  She threatened to leave the family, I was barely as tall as the kitchen table; my natural love and connection to her was suddenly too dangerous for the toddler, I went numb and I have never fully recovered.  Friendships, of which I have been always blessed, have always been cerebral.  Intimate relationships were miserable failures as I always had to go physically and emotionally numb, possibly and probably to protect myself from any partner, any friend inevitably leaving me.  Various forms of therapy, meditation, Al-Anon, teaching young children, friendships, the piano, favourite authors, travels, an innate movement towards health,  have been among the “stuff” that have kept me relatively sane.

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