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Thank you Holy Trinity School!

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This post is a follow up to EDOYR visits Holy Trinity CHS!

Our correspondence with Marco to thank him and the students, faculty and staff of Holy Trinity School.


The proceeds of Holy Trinity School’s Sharing Day in the amount of $259.00, just arrived; thank you so much!

It was a pleasure to address the assembly with you and, now, the amount raised will make it possible for us to provide two Stages of Recovery workshops for individuals seeking insight and understanding into the recovery journey. This model is also referred to as motivational interviewing or stages of change as it engages an individual to realize the ways in which they may take action to create change. We have consciously chosen the name Stages of Recovery as this is the ultimate goal.

The workshop is an opportunity for family and friends to be present as well as the person they are supporting to help everyone to understand that the journey has movement in many directions rather than a straight, perfect, line. The workshop is able to encourage self-acceptance and setting achievable goals moving in the right direction, that is, towards recovery, one step at a time. With this in mind, what I refer to as a plan of care can begin to be created to begin the journey with self forgiveness and with understanding.

Please encourage anyone who may be seeking support for any concern to know that they may contact us, in confidence, at anytime. We have two support groups for anxiety and depression including one especially for young teens (14 to 16). All of our groups are for men and women, however, we also have two groups especially for males; one of which is facilitated by a male therapist and in which any concern may be addressed; a second group is specifically for males who may be struggling with disordered eating and body image concerns.

Thank you again, Marco, for your support. Please share out appreciation with the students, faculty and staff of Holy Trinity School.

– Janice Morgante, Executive Director, Eating Disorders of York Region

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