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Through this online art blog/gallery we can encourage, inspire and share hope with one another…We invite who you to share your “NAPS” (News, Art ,Poetry, Songs) or inspirations. Email if you would like to share inspirations. Please note we can not post advice with regards to nutrition and exercise.

Fireside Conversation a success!

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Walking into a warm, welcoming environment; this was the feeling I received when I walked into Wednesday’s “Fireside Conversations”  hosted by members of the Faces of Recovery campaign. This was an inspiring evening with four members from EDOYR’s Faces of Recovery Campaign sharing their struggles and their successes on their recovery journey.  The space was inviting with everyone in a circle connecting to what each had to share.  Naturopath guest speaker, Dr. Lorenzo Diana contributed helpful advice to address everyday stress.  Also discussed were ways to alleviate some of the physical discomforts which may linger in the recovery journey.  The evening was spirited and engaging and filled with compassion through contributions from everyone in the circle.

– Nisha Thomas, EDOYR Summer Community Outreach Coordinator

Thank you to everyone who came out on Wednesday for our “Faces of Recovery” Fireside Chat event!

Check out the website for future events, workshops and support groups! Visit to read stories of recovery.

Participants of the event were given little inspirational charms at the end of the presentation.
EDOYR’s resource table!

“Faces of Recovery” campaign members, Liora and Wendy, listen to stories shared by other members.

Galit, “Faces of Recovery” campaign member sharing her recovery journey.

Janice, EDOYR’s Executive Director, converses with Dr. Lorenzo Diana, naturopath guest speaker, while Ola, “Faces of Recovery” campaign member, looks on.

Thank you to our “Faces of Recovery” campaign members (from left to right): Liora, Wendy, Galit, and Ola.

Thank you to our panel members for making the night a great success!
From left to right: Liora, Wendy, Dr. Diana, Janice, Galit, and Ola.

Faces of Recovery

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