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Front Line Training a Success!

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May 31st, 2013 Eating Disorders of York Region (EDOYR) hosted a training for fifty front line professionals, “Eating Disorders, Addictions, Mental Health”!
The afternoon began with a warm-hearted welcome from EDOYR’s Executive Director, Janice Morgante.  Information about what are eating disorders, complications with the diagnosis and intervention, risk factors, possible indicators, psychological barriers, barriers to treatment, the referral process,  and myths concerning eating disorders were presented by EDOYR’s Advisory Council members, Dr. Judith Bercuson, M.D., Dr. Tiffany Rush-Wilson, Psychologist,  and Jane Alway, M.A. Psychotherapist.
Two members from EDOYR’s ‘Faces of Recovery” Campaign, Wendy Hughes and Liora Ginzburg, also provided presentations to bring a personal perspective to eating disorders sharing the challenges and successes on their own road to recovery.
Eating Disorders of York Region would like to thank and acknowledge the presenters, volunteers and community members for attending and participating in the training for front-line professionals. There was a wide cross section of the community present who were able to contribute to the panel discussion at the event and after.
Together, we can create a community of understanding to contribute to the resolution of concerns of eating disorders.  We are very appreciative to all of the professionals and community members who attended who are able to bring the knowledge gained in the training back to their own communities!
Thanks to our Advisory Council and Faces of Recovery members for their presentations at our “Training for Front line Professionals” May 31st.

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One thought on “Front Line Training a Success!

  1. Wonderful event, excellent presentations, learned a lot, thank-you!

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