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Beauty Standards by Michelle

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beauty standards want to take everything natural away from the female body.

the fact that procedures are so vehemently (and increasingly) sought is an example of the extent to which the beauty industries can manipulate us and own us. there is money to be made off of our de-naturalization, our de-humanization. the more we compare our natural bodies to an ideal that is increasingly the product of disordered eating, plastic surgery, and collagen injections, the more we learn to hate our natural bodies, and the more we try to fit ourselves into a mould that is dictated by the very people who sell the products that deem us (un)able to fit into that mould.

our society wants to make women into dolls. so many women succumb to the pressure, and to extreme degrees. it’s sad and it’s infuriating and i am not okay with it. the more women carve themselves up to meet this doll-like ideal, the harder it will be to tear down.

women are not dolls. we are complex individuals with histories and opinions. and we need to work together to create a world in which we are valued as complete human beings.

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