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Your Mind and Your Heart

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The video below is of William Jefferson Clinton speaking on Nelon Mandela’s 95th birthday a couple of week ago:

The following passage is 6 minutes in.

“This is what I think it amounts to – Mandels’a 95 years teach us three lessons:

  •  firstly, you can’t free anybody else and you can’t serve anybody else unless first you free yourself – from bitterness, and hatred and resentment; and the paralysis  that they bring….
  • secondly, that our freedom to serve is limited when other people are not free and empowered….
  • finally, none of us need to be in public office to be of  public service….

So, first we must free ourselves, then we must free others and we must serve as a way of life, not as a route to office.
Those are the lessons that every person on earth can learn, embrace and live by.”

mandela 1


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