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U.S. News Health: Just 12 Percent of Women Over 50 Are ‘Satisfied’ With Their Bodies

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When Chrisler lectures to women’s groups about how to feel better in their own skin, she offers the following tips.

Focus on health, not on weight. Eat a variety of foods, exercise and get enough sleep. Have a massage from time to time. Moisturize your skin. Wear clothes that fit. “A lot of women are not nice to themselves because they’re disappointed in their bodies,” she said.

Watch more foreign movies. “If you watch films from France and Japan, you’ll see many more older women than you see in U.S. movies, and they’re not all skinny as rails,” she said.

Avoid fashion magazines. “They’re full of young women and they’re wearing clothes that don’t look good on older women. They’re not made for us,” Chrisler said.

Don’t consider it a personal failure if the jeans you wore in high school don’t fit you in your 50s. “Women do gain weight at each reproductive milestone,” she said. “We gain weight at menarche, with the birth of each child and we gain weight at menopause, so we’re not going to have the same body size and shape at 50 as we had at 20. And if we don’t expect that, that would be a help.”

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