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The Toronto Star: Silken Laumann’s new book Unsinkable reveals a troubled childhood

Olympic rower tells about overcoming anorexia, cutting, self-loathing in her new book

“I think I had to reach the place in my life where I’ve done a lot of healing, where I’m very grounded,” she said. “I’ve done the personal work. The last few days before going public I’ve made sure I’m looking after myself and feel strong in my message.”

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June 7th: 100 in 1!

The Toronto Star:

Bogota did it. Montreal did it. Copenhagen did it. Can Toronto?

100 in 1 Day, in which ideas range from practical to pie-in-the-sky, is coming to Toronto. What should we expect?

By: Rachel Mandleson

One day last fall, Montreal resident Claudia Espinosa Ramos set out to change her city with a small table, a few folding chairs and a simple request.

Espinosa Ramos, a striking 29-year-old artist known as “Cerrucha,” was troubled by the superficial nature of relationships eked out amid perpetual hurry. If she gave people an opportunity, she wondered, would they engage in meaningful conversation?

In the bustling Jean Talon market, across the aisle from mounds of oranges and lemons, Espinosa Ramos set up her furniture, along with a sign that read, “Take time” — which, to her surprise, many passersby proceeded to do.

A therapist confided that she rarely had a chance to discuss her own problems. A man who used to live on the streets told of how he’d turned his life around. One woman relayed a bit of good news: Her cancer was in remission.

“People responded really well,” said Espinosa Ramos. “They sat down. They talked. They were sharing all these stories.

“I got to the conclusion that we all want the same thing. People do want to be part of something.”

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Let’s Talk!

From CTV

Join the Conversation

 Bell Let’s Talk 2013: Join the conversation to support Canadian mental health!

Bell Let’s Talk Day is Janaury 28 – Bell will donate 5¢ more to mental health initiatives for every:
    – Text message sent
    – Mobile and long distance call made
    – Tweet using #BellLetsTalk
    – Facebook share of our Bell Let’s Talk image
To learn more please visit

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Looking Out for One Another

As the temperatures have been dropping, a mysterious Good Samaritan has been leaving warm cozy scarves for anyone who is stuck out in the cold weather in Ottawa. 

To read more and see the photos, please go to

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In Honour of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 20th

Please enjoy this short film, LEGACY OF A DREAM

“A 24 minute film that uses selected footage from the 180 minute Academy Award nominated documentary “KING: A Filmed Record; Montgomery to Memphis” to present a shorter account of Dr. King’s non-violent campaign for civil rights and social justice. It uses only original newsreel and other primary material, unvarnished and unretouched, and covers the period from the Montgomery bus boycott of 1955 through his assassination in 1968. This film has a powerful narration spoken by James Earl Jones and provides an excellent overview of the struggle for civil rights and “the right to protest for right.”

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Toronto Star: Katy Perry’s Spiritual Rescue

Katy Perry talks to Toronto Star’s Richard Ouzounian about her latest album, Prism, and the life journey and healing it represents.

I think I’m a work in progress, really,” is how she reconciles the various sides of her nature. “I always have to be aware that the work is unfinished. In the last little while, I had to do a lot of looking inward and repatching things than needed to be patched, doing some healing and boosting my confidence, which had taken quite a blow to it.

If you don’t know who you are when you’re under this spotlight, it can get really crazy on your psyche. If you’re always looking outwardly for self-validation and you don’t have your own validation, it’s very fragile.


If you put your love, your self-worth into someone else’s hands, they can take it away at any time. I’ve experienced that and it’s not very fun.


I had a spell of sorts and it was very difficult and sad. A lot of people struggle with negative thoughts, but you shouldn’t be ashamed of that. You should share how you feel with people, so you don’t feel so alone in your problems.


I’m singing about top-level love here, nirvana love, the love we all seek to have, the love we all want. Maybe it’s for your partner, sure, but it could be for a best friend or a brother or sister, or about the birth of your child. The one thing that’s important is that it talks about love without fear, about love that’s made from total acceptance.

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