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Working with Mother Nature: Simon Beck’s Snow Art

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Something that may have started as “a little fun after skiing one evening” (as quoted from Simon Beck’s Facebook page) has grown into complex mathematical patterns ginormous in size.

Simon Beck’s art decorates the frozen lakes outside of the ski runs at Les Arcs ski resort in Savoie, France. As fresh snow falls, Beck designs and redesigns his incredible snow patterns over and over the same site.

The designs range from festive snow flakes to three dimensional squares and other complex geometrical patterns. Walking extremely carefully, the artist sometimes spends nine hours at a time laying down the meticulous patterned tracks.

“Beck is a fan of producing mathematical patterns that have different effects when viewed from various vantage points in the changing light throughout the day. Preferring to achieve the 3D effects, he loves to snap his creations when the sun is at its highest point, causing the most contrast on the designs across the lake.

But creating art work in snow has its downsides. Oftentimes Beck is unable to finish a piece, due to fresh snowfall, or pieces he worked all day on quickly get covered by overnight snow. The impermanence adds a layer of magic to this extraordinary art form of transforming a snow field into a detailed art work. The beauty is even carried over to the warmer months, when the melting lake snow and ice reveal traces of the last pattern that Beck traced during the season’s last snowfall.”

Read full story: Artist Creates Gigantic Winter Crop Circles Just by Walking in the Snow! Simon Beck Snow Art – Gallery Page 1 – Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building 

For more photos, visit Simon Beck’s Snow Art

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