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Jeremy Irons on Life and Art

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Source: The Toronto Star “A career spent acting on the edges” by Richard Ouzounian

“We all have an immense range within us, but we use very little of it. We’re like a piano that learns to play certain tunes and chords. And after a certain point in our lives, those are the only chords we play. And sometimes they can be very limited.

But as an actor, I use all of the strings, all of the highs and lows, and make some of the most bizarre and perhaps distressing music imaginable. And when I come back to my real life, the piano still reverberates with the sounds I was making.”

Read the full interview here.

Although Mr. Irons is talking about acting, there are other art forms, as well as many other forms of expressing ourselves to explore the range of our “chords”!

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