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June 7th: 100 in 1!

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The Toronto Star:

Bogota did it. Montreal did it. Copenhagen did it. Can Toronto?

100 in 1 Day, in which ideas range from practical to pie-in-the-sky, is coming to Toronto. What should we expect?

By: Rachel Mandleson

One day last fall, Montreal resident Claudia Espinosa Ramos set out to change her city with a small table, a few folding chairs and a simple request.

Espinosa Ramos, a striking 29-year-old artist known as “Cerrucha,” was troubled by the superficial nature of relationships eked out amid perpetual hurry. If she gave people an opportunity, she wondered, would they engage in meaningful conversation?

In the bustling Jean Talon market, across the aisle from mounds of oranges and lemons, Espinosa Ramos set up her furniture, along with a sign that read, “Take time” — which, to her surprise, many passersby proceeded to do.

A therapist confided that she rarely had a chance to discuss her own problems. A man who used to live on the streets told of how he’d turned his life around. One woman relayed a bit of good news: Her cancer was in remission.

“People responded really well,” said Espinosa Ramos. “They sat down. They talked. They were sharing all these stories.

“I got to the conclusion that we all want the same thing. People do want to be part of something.”

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