Life in Balance

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Celine Dion: She knows what she believes in

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Excerpts from Toronto Star. Full article can be found here.

“Things happen, they get in the way. Feelings of ugliness, of being unloved. But they should get in your way at a young age so you can outgrow them, so you can learn to get around them, to live your life, to find yourself. To find who you really are inside, even if sometimes, it breaks your heart.”

“You got though so many things in life,” she sighs, recalling those experiences. “You lose people, you give birth to children, you see so many million things. You make choices. You learn to say no. You purify yourself, you look for spirituality, for emotional balance.

“I love the way our lives keep changing. There’s one great thing about knowledge in life, about experience, about maturity, about time, about getting older and that’s knowing what you stand for, what you believe in. There must be something good about this. There must be a good reason why we mature and we move on.”

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