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Aurora Banner: Aurora Concert Benefits Eating Disorder Group

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Check out this article about our Songs to Recovery concert coming up March 22nd!

Aurora concert benefits eating disorder group

Source: Aurora Banner

A celebration of hope and recovery will take place in the Brevik Room at the Aurora Cultural Centre March 22.

Eating Disorders of York Region Riverwalk Wellness Centres hosts its second annual Songs to Recovery event in support of the agency and its ongoing efforts to better the lives of people living with the disorders.

The afternoon, based in a cafe-themed setting, will feature multiple visual arts pieces expressed through movement, music, word art and much more.

As an extra, the agency will also present the first screening of its film, with the working title Self Destructing to Survive, showcasing the lives of six local people who have struggled with addiction, self harm, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and rage.

“This event is about creating community while highlighting our new arts program,” Eating Disorders of York Region executive director Janice Morgante explained. “We will share stories with the public, especially through the film, to create a sense of unity and acceptance among one another.”

The film, dedicated to people who did not survive their struggles, will be submitted to this year’s York Region Film Festival as well.

“We hope people who attend feel they can relax and feel they are in a safe environment,” Ms Morgante said. “Our arts program is for the community and clients alike. It’s intended to be the shining light.”

Ms Morgante believes the incorporation of such a program will give clients a better opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings through a much more positive outlet.

She hopes people facing personal, physical and mental hardships will find refuge with the agency because, as she’s seen first hand, recovery is possible.

Michelle Scott, 23, couldn’t agree more.

The budding musician, who is featured in the film for her battles with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder, has been on the road to recovery for six years.

“It’s been in the last two to three of those years that I’ve been able to start writing songs about positive things,” she said. “I’m happy to be participating because I’ve really made a lot of discoveries about who I am as a person and what I want to embrace in life. With respect to young women, I want them to know if they find something they want, to let it be theirs and go for it.”

Ms Scott and other local artists will perform some of her songs at the event, which runs 2 to 4:30 p.m.

The event will give you an opportunity to become familiar with the agency and its programs.

“We will be taking part in shows, exhibits and open houses over the next couple of years around the region to promote our arts program. It’s a great way to celebrate life,” Ms Morgante said.

The agency also hopes to expand its outreach around the region, provided the right partnerships come along.

“We welcome anyone from anywhere to contact us about that,” Ms Morgante said. “The goal is to try and help as many as we can.”

To learn more about the agency, programs or the upcoming event, call 905-886-6632 or visit

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