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EFFT: spots still available to register!

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Read an article about EFFT published on featuring a parent who did the Emotion Focused Family Therapy Training: “Parenting Workshops Tackle Mental Health”
EMOTION FOCUSED FAMILY THERAPY WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS AND CAREGIVERS for addiction, substance use and other mental health concerns (including eating disorders)
With Dr. Joanne Dolhanty PhD, C. Psych and Dr. Adele Lafrance Robinson PhD, C. Psych
COST: $400.00 per person total for two day intensive
* An official receipt in the amount of $250 for psychological services will be provided by Dr. Dolhanty and Dr. Robinson for extended health benefit coverage with your provider, if applicable.
April 24th and 25th, 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
901 Rutherford Rd, (the community room of the Christian Community Church), Vaughan. The major intersection is Rutherford Rd and Bathurst (just north of the 407)
Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) is a new and innovative treatment model for the caregivers of individuals struggling with anxiety, depression and substance disorders. Different from many of the mainstream treatment models, EFFT is rooted in the deep belief in the healing power of families across the lifespan.
The goal of EFFT is to support parents and caregivers to take on the roles of recovery coach (to support their loved one to manage their symptoms) and emotion coach (to support their loved one with the strong emotions that come up throughout the process). Parents and caregivers are also taught how to heal emotional injuries in the family’s past, including repairing parent-child relationships, if appropriate.
EFFT is a very powerful mode of therapy and parents and caregivers are taught practical skills and techniques that can be used to support their loved one’s recovery regardless of his or her age and/or motivation for change. Parents and caregivers are also supported to work through their own fears and emotional reactions that will no doubt arise throughout the challenging road toward recovery and wellness.
Read more about EFFT on the official website.
For more details and to register online, visit our website while spots are still available!


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