Life in Balance

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Relieving Stress Through Art

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“Art is a wonderful diversion from the ordinary cares of the day.  If I find my mind is stressed, focusing on my art helps me to relax.  I will often do this before I fall asleep each night.  The worries of the day simply vanish.” – Helen

Many people do art just for the sake of doing art and view the creative process as a good unto itself. However, many also find art to be a powerful stress-relieving tool. It can be used as a diversion, distracting us from ruminating unhelpfully on stressful events and thoughts. It can also be used as an outlet, a channel for our negative thoughts and emotions. Creating something can help us feel better about ourselves, because there’s nothing like standing back from an artwork and saying, “I did this.” The artwork needn’t be a masterpiece – sometimes just producing something can help us feel like more effective and productive human beings. Whatever the motivation, art can be a powerful wellness tool that can help get us through our more difficult moments. 

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