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Show Your True Colours on 100 in 1 Day!

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Have you ever wanted to do something to change your world? Have you ever been dissatisfied with an aspect of your society – perhaps a policy, an issue, or a social convention – and wanted to do something about it? 100 in 1 Day might be your opportunity to do just that.

100 in 1 day is a citizen-driven city-wide festival hosted by Toronto and it is happening for the first time ever on Saturday, June 7th. On 100 in 1 Day, citizens are encouraged to choose an issue that really speaks to them and create an ‘intervention’ addressing this issue. For instance, one group of citizens, with the aim to promote appreciation and connectedness in their neigbourhood, is hosting a ‘Neighbourhood Fan Mail’ event to encourage people to write ‘fan mail’ to local shops, restaurants, neighbours and friends in order to show their appreciation and gratitude. Another group of citizens, dissatisfied with the insulated nature of human interaction (or lack thereof) in the city, are setting up a blanket in a park and encouraging strangers to come join them for conversation and board games. These are just a small interventions but they have the capacity to create a substantial shift in public awareness and understanding.

Riverwalk will also be participating in 100 in 1 Day this year, at a location near Yonge and Wellington in Aurora. We at Riverwalk aim to create a cultural shift in our society by encouraging people to be more empathetic and supportive of one another (not hurtful and cruel), more connected and understanding of one another (not isolated and antagonistic), and to be true to their authentic selves (and not feel pressured to become people that they don’t want to be). Far too often in this society are people pressured to become something they’re not – they’re pressured to diet, pressured to buy products they don’t actually need or want, pressured to find fulfillment in developing only their surface qualities, pressured to be emotionally and spiritually closed-off to one another and the world. We at Riverwalk want to change this, and so on 100 in 1 Day we will be handing out free ‘Show Your True Colours’ buttons, giving away goodies, and engaging strangers in conversation about “What it means to be your Authentic Self.” More details will follow regarding our location, so stay tuned!

What do you think it means to be your Authentic Self? Are you happy with the way you are now? If societal pressures were no issue, who would you really want to be? And what’s stopping you from becoming that person today?

For more information on starting your own Intervention, check out



Post by Michelle Scott

Arts Program Co-ordinator

EDOYR’s Riverwalk Wellness Centres


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