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5 Tools for Learning How to Meditate

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I learned about meditating through participating in yoga. At the beginning of most of my yoga classes the instructor encourages everyone to set an intention for their yoga session. An intention is something that you choose to focus on in the present moment. At end of most of my yoga classes the instructor leads a short meditation to finish the session. I was not sure if it was the yoga or the quiet time at the end that left me relaxed so I started to meditate on my own. Meditating allows me to quiet my mind, especially on busy and stressful days. It can be difficult to begin to include meditation in your routine if you’ve never done it, so I want to share some ways that made it easy for me to start meditating.

1. Go to yoga classes –Many yoga classes include meditation. If you’ve never done yoga before many studios offer new client discounts that allow you to try out their different classes. Talk to the front desk staff about what you’re looking for and they will recommend classes and instructors that are more focused on meditation and relaxation.

2. Find the right space & time –Finding a quite place where you are comfortable is key. Maybe a yoga studio filled with people is not right for you. A garden, park, your bedroom, or another quiet space indoors might be right. Some people meditate in the morning, some in the evening. Finding a regular time can help to maintain consistent practice.

3. Podcasts –are a great way to mediate wherever and whenever is good for you. I like the podcast Meditation Oasis [] because each episode is focused on a different intention.

4. Use a meditation timer –There are all kinds of apps that have guided mediations and that also time your mediation. Timing your mediation allows you to fit in as long or as short a meditation that works for you.

5. Read about meditating –Reading and learning more about meditating can help you become more comfortable practicing it. Yoga Journal has a page on their site [] devoted to meditation.

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