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Self-Destructing to Survive: An Honest Depiction of Struggle and Survival

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We all have ways of coping with difficult experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Unfortunately, for some of us, these ways of coping can be harmful and self-destructive. It can take a lot of hard work before we are capable of living life without feeling the need to self-destruct to survive.

Join six individuals from unique walks of life as they relate their stories of struggle, revelation, survival, and flourishing. In this short film by Riverwalk Wellness Centre, everyday people bare their hearts and minds as they describe descent into despair, struggle for acceptance, and eventual journey towards recovery.

Self-Destructing to Survive is an honest depiction of mental health and addictions issues. You won’t find any sugar-coating here – just truthful, blunt, and inspiring stories from individuals who have experiences with everything from trauma, to substance issues, self-harm, psychosis, eating disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The aim of this film is to raise awareness and lessen stigma about the reality of mental health and addictions  while at the same time sending a message of hope!

You can watch the film here:


One thought on “Self-Destructing to Survive: An Honest Depiction of Struggle and Survival

  1. Thank you for sharing. Always inspiring to learn from the journey others have taken.

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