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The Neurology Behind Eating: How lab mice may help reduce stigma

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Researchers have found that a certain area within the brain may be responsible for inhibiting the desire to eat. In mice, it was found that stimulating these neurons put an immediate cease to all feeding behaviour. Conversely, they were also seen to be active after a large meal; this implies that this cluster of cells also regulates over-eating. It is also believed to be very probable that these neurons exist in the human brain as well, likely within the amygdala (the brain centre responsible for fear and stress).

This is an important finding for dispelling the opinion that an eating disorder is a matter of choice and, potentially, could provide treatment options for anorexia or other eating disorders.

Read the full article here: and share your thoughts with us!

What do you think about this finding?
How do you see stigma against mental health in the media?
How could we effectively decrease the felt stigma around mental health issues?

By Hilary Lougheed
ADMH Graduate Certificate Placement Student

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