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A picture is worth a thousand words

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“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

I feel that this quote here best sums up my experience participating in Telestory, a group that ran weekly here at the EDOYR art gallery. Each week we met to learn a new photography technique, and use cameras to explore these techniques while also using the photos we took to express ideas.

I found the experience to be very liberating! Photography allowed me to see closer the beauty and art that can be seen in every day objects. A shoe was just a shoe, until I zoomed in to see the patterns of the stitching and the scuffs and dirt from all of the places I had been. Or my cat, previously a small napping ball of fur, became a sleeping giant when photographed from a low angle.

The great part about photography is the way that it can change your perspective of these little things. New perspectives can open up a new appreciation for the everyday objects that we tend to skim past in favour of “the big picture” (pun intended).

Another positive aspect of photography is that anyone can do it! Even those who have previously said things like “I cant even draw stick figures, I’m no artist” will be amazed at how their creative side wakes up when looking through a lens. After looking through this lens, you might also find that you no longer need the lens as a “magnifying glass” through which to see the art that exists in everything.

For more information on joining Telestory, e-mail or call 905-886-6632.

By Hilary Lougheed
ADMH Graduate Certificate Placement Student

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