Life in Balance

Through this online art blog/gallery we can encourage, inspire and share hope with one another…We invite who you to share your “NAPS” (News, Art ,Poetry, Songs) or inspirations. Email if you would like to share inspirations. Please note we can not post advice with regards to nutrition and exercise.

Still Time to Register for Programs Starting Tuesday

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Teen Support Group with Flora Svinarenko, BSW, MSW, RSW

COST: $120.00 total for 6 weeks

DATE & TIME: 6 Tuesdays, starting November 4th, 6:00-7:00 p.m.

LOCATION: 901 Rutherford Road (at Bathurst), Vaughan
(Community Room of the Christian Community Church)

Very often anxiety and depression are familiar feelings to someone struggling with disordered eating, body image issues and low self esteem. During this group you will learn how your negative thinking patters might be affecting your feelings and behaviors. You will be able to explore the “mechanisms” of anxiety and depression and learn why they are triggered. You will learn healthy coping techniques with your symptoms and you will be able to share your struggles and worries in a safe environment.

On the Road to Recovery with Flora Svinarenko, BSW, MSW, RSW

COST: $120.00 total for 6 weeks

DATE & TIME: 6 Tuesdays, starting November 4th, 7:00-8:00 p.m.

LOCATION: 901 Rutherford Road (at Bathurst)
in the Christian Community Church

The Recovery group is intended for those who currently are actively working on maintaining changes which they have made in regards to their eating behaviours while attending other group programs through EDOYR or participating in eating disorder treatment. The road to recovery is challenging sometimes and emotional support is necessary to overcome or prevent lapses. In a safe and empathetic environment this group will provide you with coping tools and support needed to address complicated emotions, unhealthy behaviors or unhelpful thoughts. This group is not structured, meaning you can bring your issues/difficulties/achievements to the group discussion. Together we will explore helpful ways to reduce symptoms and make meaningful changes.

Meaning Centered Living with Dr. Doreen M. Francis RSW, PhD

COST: Free (Registration required)

DATE & TIME: 6 Tuesdays, starting November 4th, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

LOCATION: EDOYR main office at 15213 Yonge Street, Suite 15, Aurora
(on the second floor, accessed by the stair case at the front of the building)
Main intersection is Yonge St. and Wellington St.

Meaning Centered Therapy or Logotherapy is a philosophy of working with individuals, couples and families within a framework of empowerment.  What does this mean? In brief this means that the group works together to create a sense of balance.  Each participant works towards building an attitude of self-worth that will extend to support the value of the other – the attitude that each one of us is a living, feeling, perceiving and thinking human being who is destined to realize his or her strengths and achieve well-being.

Our six week program, titled ‘Meaning Centered Living’, will take you through a series of lessons and guidance on how well-being or a sense of being healthy may be achieved using your own unique strengths – talents, skills and resilience – known as ‘the defiant power of the human spirit’. In a nutshell – you will learn what ‘being well’ means to you, be it in your relationships (with yourself and others), work (occupation, career, making a contribution to your community), education (special interests in further education or creative work) and self care (not using food/drugs/substances/self-harming activities as a coping mechanism and replacing them with healthy coping strategies, building self-worth and caring for your mind, body and spirit).

To register, click on the program headings, or visit
Call 905-886-6632 or email if you have any questions.

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