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The Treasure Within

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The following was shared with us from a participant of the Meaning Centered Living group.

The treasure within

You are the person you choose to be. So choose to be the person who fulfills and brings to life the values you hold most dearly.

Today is your opportunity to express yourself to the world through the life you live and the actions you take. The challenges of this moment provide a rich canvas upon which you can paint the highest vision you have.

Listen to the yearnings of your heart and keep pointing yourself in their direction. By focusing on what is truly meaningful, you will cause much real value and richness to spring forth from the life you live.

Choose to glide right past the shallow concerns that hold so many people back. Keep your eye on the big picture, and create new positive substance as each moment passes.

Go beyond merely appearing to be happy, and dive into the authentic joy of making a positive difference. Give the best that you have to life, and you’ll find each day to be even more fulfilling than the last.

There is a treasure within you that is yearning to weave itself into the fabric of life. Go ahead and let it come shining through.

— Ralph Marston


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