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Contributing to Community

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The following two Toronto Star articles are about individuals who are helping communities, out of the goodness of their heart!

Giving shelter, one room at a time

By: Joe Fiorito Columnist, Published on Tue Jan 13 2015

David Brown owns a series of old Victorian houses on Dundas St. E. He is turning them into emergency housing, at his own expense.

There has been a lot of talk about homelessness as a result of the recent deaths of two men on the street; much of the talk has been about shelter capacity, cold alerts, the usefulness of the various policies, and the shortcomings of the shelter system; some of the talk has even been about the need for housing.

Talk’s cheap.

David Brown is one of the few who is actually doing something. He owns a series of old Victorians on Dundas near Sherbourne. He has, at his own expense, developed the first of these houses as a supportive short-term residence for young native people.

He is a madman, or a saint.

Read the rest of the story here:

Toronto-based Nigerian millionaire uses oil wealth to help Danzig

When Akanimo Udofia donated $150,000 to help Danzig residents, people were asking: Who is he?

Akanimo Udofia, 43, a Nigerian-born CEO and Harvard University grad who lives in Yorkville, seemingly popped out of nowhere when he appeared at City Hall a few weeks ago for an event announcing his donation.

Dressed in a chic dark suit and polished shoes, the tall man with the deep voice told the meeting, which included several local city councillors and the CEO of Toronto Community Housing, that he was moved to give the money after being “heartbroken” by images and news he saw of this summer’s shooting on Danzig St.

“We are all parents … we cannot continue to just fold our hands and watch this happen,’’ he later said, referring to the slayings at the barbecue in Scarborough that killed Shyanne Charles and Joshua Yasay and wounded 23 others July 16.

Udofia’s money, which is being allotted over three years, is slated to be used for “resident-development’’ initiatives at Toronto Community Housing’s Danzig St. development, such as new computers and Internet access, after-school programs for young people, and scholarships.

Read the full article:

Read about Danzig:

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