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Toronto Star Letter: Let’s resolve to be kinder to each other

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By Janine Mitrevics, Brampton

For a nation that is reputed to be polite, I have noticed over the last several months an increasinf rudeness that is permeating society on a daily basis.

we have left New Year’s Eve behind us, so as the weather warms and the grip of our long, cold, winter loosens, I propose that everyone make a Spring Resolution: to be kinder.

It’s not that hard to say “please” and “thank you” to people you interact with. Take responsibility for your actions, especially mistakes. Apologize when you wrong someone and be sincere in your words. Be patient and wait for your turn. Assert yourself politely, not rudely.

Clean up after yourself and encourage others to do so. Watch where you are going, driving or walking, and remember to signal when you should. Public spaces are shared spaces. Hold open a door for someone right behind you. Look up from your devices and offer a smile. Extend a hand to help someone up if they fall.

Lead by example so each generation learns to follow the expectations. Communicate clearly and listen.

We are not perfect creatures, but we can all make small efforts to do better in how we treat others, from strangers to close family members. Let’s strive to be more respectful and considerate.

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