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Local Filmmakers

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Local filmmakers take home prizes at PlaYR

From the Auroran
By Brock Weir

“Globally right now it is an amazing time with digital media and what is happening out there [and] the things you can capture on your camera, the way we view images, and the way we shape things that are happening in our world right now,” said actress Joanne Vannicola…“I feel this is a time of what feels like difficult times and yet, on the flipside it is also really hopeful because it allows us the opportunity to kind of document and watch human behaviour and change it.

“The universal message that love is the most important thing to fight for, whether it is love for each other, love for another person, love for a family, or love for life itself,” he said. “A lot of us get obsessed with ideals and we fight for them, which is good, but you have to be constantly diligent in what you’re fighting and doing.”

Read the full article here:

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