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EDAW Day 5: Wendy’s Resilience

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R – Resilience:  the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity or the like; bouyancy, to spring back/rebound

E – Educate yourself: Learn about your  body…what it’s made up of, how it works and what foods and activities are good to help it thrive.

S – Sustainability: Your recovery plan must be sustainable an9d realistic.  Make lifestyle choices and chose behaviors that you can follow through with for the long term.

I – Informed: Make informed decisions, learn about and be prepared for triggering situations.  Know which environments are safe/unsafe for you and choose accordingly.

L – Life Quality:  focus on the things that you love to do such as hobbies, sports and activities and enjoying time with loved ones.  Remember that all of these things will be compromised in order to sustain an eating disorder.

I – Illness:  Eating disorders are diagnosed, recognized mental health disorders with many contributing factors.  Be kind to yourself, remember that you are not alone and that with support and treatment recovery is possible.

E – Embrace: Embrace your recovery…do whatever it takes to make it happen.  ‘Fake it ‘till ya make it’!!!  Lie to yourself about how great you feel if you have to…if you do it long enough you will start to believe it.  Post positive affirmations where you can see them every day.  Use a toolbox.   Call a friend.  Journal.   Whatever you have to do to get through each moment…DO IT.

N – Nutrition: Learn about nutrition and develop a positive attitude towards food.  Food is fuel that the body needs to function.  Cook with creativity and experiment with new ideas.

C – Control :  Eating disorders are based on control.  Concentrate on managing the things in life that are within your control, and find healthy ways to manage or cope with the events or feelings that are out of your control.

E – Enrich:  Redirect the energy you commit to your eating disorder towards positive change instead.  You will be amazed at just how much energy you actually  have to invest on the things you love when you are not wasting it all on your eating disorder.  Family time, relationships, work, and all other aspects of life are enriched when you have the time and energy to enjoy them 😊

I struggled with an eating disorder for almost 17th years and I know just how hopeless recovery and seem, and how scary the thought of recovery can be.  The journey towards recovery is never an easy one; there will be steps forward and steps backwards, progress and relapse.  There will be friends lost and friends found.  You will remember sadness’ long since buried as well as forgotten joys.   You will experience feelings you would rather not and feelings you didn’t think you could.  At the end of it all though, if you can push through it you will experience so many other things; love, happiness, fulfillment, strong relationships and inner peace are all waiting for you. It will never be easy and it will never be forgotten, but in time the eating disorder and the thoughts that come with it can be more and more like fleeting thoughts replaced by moments of joy and growth.

I remember bring so afraid…I didn’t know who I would be without my eating disorder.  Do not be defined by such an unworthy companion.  Always remember that you are worth it…never give up.

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