Life in Balance

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Where We Are by Michael Ferrel

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Where we are is a moment in time
Where we are is without precedent
Where we are is a dangerous place
Where we are is troubling and lonely
Where we are is an ongoing struggle
Where we are is a tragedy and a comedy
Where we are has been brought on by success
Where we are is a trial and error
Where we are is what the moment demands
Where we are is an ongoing dialogue
Where we are must not be left behind
Where we are is everyone’s business
Where we are, God only knows
We are with the world above us, beneath us
We are with the living and the dead
We are with the beasts and the angels
We are with the silent, patient earth.
We are with one another
We are with enemies and friends
We are with the seen and the unseen
We are going onward, backwards and forwards,
We are going to decide the future
We are going to make amends
We are going to start all over
We are going back to where we came
We are going to grow together
We are going to where we have never been.

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