Life in Balance

Through this online art blog/gallery we can encourage, inspire and share hope with one another…We invite who you to share your “NAPS” (News, Art ,Poetry, Songs) or inspirations. Email if you would like to share inspirations. Please note we can not post advice with regards to nutrition and exercise.

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Thinking Outside the Tree

“When we realized our ancient cottonwood tree would have to come down we thought of the thickness of the trunk and what practical use we might be able to make of it. Thinking of our grandchildren we conceived of a tree house with the entrance making use of the trunk. It took several months of mostly hand tools to carve that hole through the trunk. Had I known how much work would be required I’m am not sure if I would have begun the job. But the result thrills everyone who is able to climb up through the middle of a tree. There is something Universal about the Oneness with nature one feels inside the middle of that trunk”.



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4th Cafe Series Concert in Stouffville!

On Saturday October 21st, Riverwalk held our 4th Cafe Series Concert at Coffee Tea Express in Stouffville!

Asa, who played at the Aurora Cafe Series Concert with her duet partner (as duo Slick and Asa), played some favourites from pop and musical theatre on her piano. Michelle also played some covers and originals on guitar.

Thanks to Chris from Coffee Tea express for hosting, and thanks to everyone who came out to support arts-based mental health programming!

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Butterfly Waystation!

IMG_0361 (1)

This garden is a newly planted and officially recognized Monarch Waystation with plants for nectar and milkweed varieties, which is the only plant on which monarch butterflies will lay their eggs.
The crack in the concrete directly in front of the garden gate has been filled with “precious items” to add a little beauty, mystery and imagination!

IMG_0362 (2)IMG_0363 (1)
Art can truly be created anywhere, in the home, garden, or even the pavement!