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"We’re Ladies, not Barbies" by Leviana Coccia

When I was a young girl, I was obsessed with the idea of perfection. I was surrounded by images of surreal beauty like Barbies, the Spice Girls and perfectly proportioned celebrities on the cover of every pre-teen magazine. At my young age, I was ignorant to the thought of dolls and famous people being anything other than flawless. All I wanted to do was be her, whoever she was, as long as she didn’t have any imperfections.
When I was in university, after coming across this photo of a life-like Barbie doll situated right next to a young woman, it became clearer than ever that the person I had longed to be could never exist.
If Barbie were a real person, she would not be able to live. Her rib cage would not be fit to hold her lungs or heart and she would be too top-heavy to stand up straight because her spine would snap! That’s what I call imperfection!
Galia Slayen was inspired to launch her own “Get real Barbie” Campaign to stimulate the conversation about eating disorders. As part of the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week one year, she built a life-size replica of what Barbie would be as a real person. View the article below for the full story!
EDOYR is encouraging our friends to host a “Ladies, not Barbies” fund raiser in honour of our International Women’s Day Celebration, “Love Can Change the World.” All proceeds will benefit EDOYR.
For instance, you could take the money you might have spent at a local bar or pub and support the organization, instead.
My ideal “Ladies, not Barbies” event would be a slumber/pajama party where I could hang out with my friends (guys as well as gals) and still feel comfortable with who I am and what I look like.  I’d even order in some food to enjoy with good company!
Guys, you can get in on this too, to celebrate the women in your lives who are “Ladies, not Barbies.”
In other words, I’m devoted to kicking the idea of Barbie doll figures to the curb. I believe all women are gorgeous for who they are not how they look. We deserve to be treated that way—by others AND by ourselves—no matter what!
If you’re interested in celebrating International Women’s Day and supporting EDOYR through your friend-raising event, the proceeds can be donated on-line at  A tax receipt will be automatically issued.
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Leviana Coccia is a media student at the University of Guelph-Humber and volunteer at Eating Disorders of York Region.
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Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

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Photograph by Nisha Thomas