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Through this online art blog/gallery we can encourage, inspire and share hope with one another…We invite who you to share your “NAPS” (News, Art ,Poetry, Songs) or inspirations. Email if you would like to share inspirations. Please note we can not post advice with regards to nutrition and exercise.

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2017 Walk to Create a Worldwide Circle of Care!

On June 10th, 2017, people from the Riverwalk community from all over the world participated in a walk to promote caring communities. The aim was to create a World-Wide Circle of Care to promote communities that are open to showing support for community members in times of hardship or crisis – whether they’re struggling with a mental health issue, a family tragedy, or other difficulties. The circle is a framework for compassionate, practical, and (in some cases) professional support. Those in the Circle of Care understand negative coping strategies as an expression of a lack of adequate understanding and support, and strive towards a deeper understanding of one another and work towards creating a supportive community.

See below for some photos from across the globe!

chanti 1

Chantal and Esther enjoy the sunshine in the Isle of Wight, UK

chanti 2

Isle of Wight, UK

mary o 1

Mary sends her greetings from Santa Barbara, California, USA

photo 1

Barbara has a rainy walk in Rosebank, NSW, Australia

photo 2

Rosebank, NSW, Australia

photo 3

Michelle walks around the neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


“This river I step in is not the river I stand in” – Toronto, ON, Canada


“Never too late” – Dany shares a message of hope from Sydney, Australia


Stay tuned for more photos from around the globe!

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World Eating Disorders Action Day is June 2nd


What is World Eating Disorders Action Day?

What?  Members of the eating disorder community, including affected individuals and their families, professionals, researchers and policy makers, have united virtually to increase access to accurate information, eradicate myths and collectively advocate for resources and policy change. The first World Eating Disorders Action Day will take place on June 2, 2016 and generate information virtually around the globe. 

Why?  Eating disorders are serious, treatable illnesses that result from a complex interplay of genetics, biology and environment. Eating disorders affect up to 70 million people globally including people of all genders, ages, racial and ethnic identities, nationalities and documentation status, abilities, sizes, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, yet many go untreated despite the fact that new research and methods are increasingly showing positive results for full recovery. 

How?  Through virtual and country specific activism, World Eating Disorders Action Day will advance the understanding of eating disorders as treatable genetically-linked illnesses that affect a large cross-section of the world’s population, embraces diversity, and raises awareness amongst policy makers to allocate resources and establish coherent national systems. Furthermore, the Day offers new connections and global partnerships, grows the advocacy base and creates opportunities for additional actions for change at an international level.

Who is Involved?  Close to 150 organizations from more than 30 countries and 1000s of activists from around the world.  A  Steering Committee comprised of the Academy for Eating Disorders, Author June Alexander, Beating Eating Disorders,, Eating Disorders Parent Support, Elephant in the Room Foundation, Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders/F.E.A.S.T, International Eating Disorders Action, Nalgona Positivity Pride, National Association of Males with Eating Disorders, National Eating Disorders Association, Not All Black Girls Know How to Eat and Trans Folx Fighting Eating Disorders will provide guidance and represent communities across the globe. Steering Committee

If  you would like to be involved as a Participating Group see our Participation Principles here. Contact:

Last year saw organizations and individuals from 42+ countries participate in this inaugural event. With the Nine Truths being translated into many different languages and a PSA:

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Mixed Media Program Artwork!

Here is a sneak peek at Tuesday nights in Aurora at the art gallery, where art gets created – inspired and beautiful in its own way…enjoy some of the master pieces below 🙂