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Bringing out inner beauty: Photographer captures peoples’ reactions when told they’re beautiful

A photographer has found an amazing way of bringing out and capturing inner beauty: By telling people they are beautiful and then capturing their reactions. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and with a simple compliment, we each have the power to bring true beauty to life. Check out the article below for more on this interesting project:

ARTICLE: Photographer captures peoples’ reactions when told they’re beautiful



For a cute twist on this idea, a dog owner took a photo of his furry companion before and after telling him that he’s a good boy – evoking a similar reaction to what was captured in the project above.20161224_115216-1

Riverwalk’s Janice had this reflection: “I see a similarity to the human reaction, that is, wonder in the first image and relaxation with warmth in the second image.”

Make someone’s day today and give them a genuine compliment! It doesn’t have to be about outer beauty per se – people are beautiful for all sorts of reasons and letting them know can make their inner beauty shine. Make someone smile today! 🙂

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Knitting is good for your brain

We had such a great success with our first-ever Knitting for fun and Stress Reduction group at Riverwalk that more knitting and crocheting groups are in the works for the new year! Stay tuned in to the Riverwalk Expressive and Therapeutic Arts page for info on when and where the groups will be happening.


More and more research is emerging about the positive effects that knitting has on the brain. Though it is an emerging area of study, it’s definitely an exciting one.

One survey found that people who knit frequently experience an increase in feeling calm and happy, and a reduction in feeling being anxious and sad. (This is even more true for those who knit in groups.) Knitting can also lead to a sense of achievement, thereby boosting confidence. Knitting has even been found to reduce anxious preoccupation in individuals with eating disorders, specifically.

You can learn about a few articles on the subject here and here.


Has knitting affected your life in any way? Have a story to share about your adventures in knitting, art, and/or mental health recovery? We’d love to hear from you! Email to submit a story for our blog.

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Crafting to Help Get Organized

Crafts are fun and rewarding in and of themselves, and when they also help you get organized, that’s just a bonus!

Roshi Wagley, an occupational therapy graduate, shared with us some crafty projects that she made to help her organize her space.

“I made a few things utilizing extra things that I found in my house. I created an organizer for my art supplies with a shoe box…


a paper organizer with cereal boxes…


and a pen holder with toilet paper rolls and pop bottles.



I enjoy doing arts and crafts, so I thought of creating these items as I found them so nifty. Engaging in these activities also help me focus on the present moment which makes me forget about all the things I might otherwise worry about! I also love doing them as they allow me to feel relaxed and grounded as I enter the mindful flow of my creation.”

Crafting can definitely be a mood boost, and so can getting organized, so why not combine the two? Use some of Roshi’s ideas, search the internet for ideas, or come up with your own! If you have cool crafty projects that you’d like to share, email us at to share!