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Thank you Abbas Jahangiri!

“When words no longer express, music starts,” wrote Abbas Jahangiri, former owner of the el Mocambo, 12 years ago.

Jahangiri purchased the elMo in 2001 and renovated both floors of Toronto’s oldest and most historic music venue to prepare for a wide range of musical acts. 

EDOYR’s ticket booth at Rock for Charity 2.0 at the el Mocambo in Toronto.

The elMo also became the number one booker for charity events and fund raisers, including EDOYR’s very own Rock for Charity and Rock for Charity 2.0, concerts where all proceeds benefited our organization. With both of these benefit concerts, EDOYR raised over $4,000.00.

Other organizations like War Child, Amnesty International, Free the Children and World Vision have held fund raisers at the Spadina Ave. and College St. location. 

Jahangiri is also the founder of Serving Charity, a non-profit, charitable organization that has opened orphanages, women’s shelters, Soup Kitchens, family homes schools and several other projects in eight countries around the world.

It was on July 25 that the former owner of the elMo e-mailed all his musical and charitable contacts to say he was closing this chapter of his life to start a new one: A life fully dedicated to Serving Charity.

Like its former owner, the elMo has also turned over a new leaf. The venue will remain open and all shows will continue, just this time under new ownership.

EDOYR thanks the el Mocambo and Abbas Jahangiri for their hospitality, willingness and support. With Rock for Charity and Rock for Charity 2.0, both held at the historic Toronto venue, we have been able to continue to provide support for people struggling with eating disorders as well as for their families and friends.

We wish Jahangiri all the best in his future endeavors. It was great working with you!

— Leviana Coccia

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Friends of EDOYR host second Rock for Charity event at the El Mocambo

On the way down to the El Mocambo on Thurs. June 21, the event organizers found this in the sky: Some inspiration! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Doors opened at Rock for Charity 2.0 at 7pm. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Rae Smith is a university student who started “The Love Yourself Challenge,” a blog initiative that spreads self-awareness. On the blog, she posts these culture jamming images above, as well as others. She gave EDOYR permission to use these images at Rock for Charity 2.0. Thanks for being such a great friend-raiser, Rae! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Our booth! For less than what it would cost to see a movie, guests were admitted into an awesome event with bands from all across the Greater Toronto Area. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

And the preparation for Rock for Charity 2.0 begins! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Sound check! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

House of Coconuts opens the show and gets the party started! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

The El Mo gets loud with TNG on Thurs. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Ravyn Red performs their original song, “My Time” among others. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Inside the El Mo! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Couriers take the stage after a quick intermission and rock the El Mo! Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Highway Lights performs their original track, “Run With Me” among others at the El Mo. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Outside Toronto’s most famous and historic venue. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Eric Conlon plays hits by his band, Lambs Become Lions. Contact EDOYR at if you’d like a CD with a donation of five-dollars or more. Photo by: Natalia Tvoronovitch

Also with a five-dollar donation, you can pick up juggling balls, symbols of the challenges and opportunities in life. Photo by: Leviana Coccia
Members of the band Couriers show us their juggling skills. Photo by: Leviana Coccia

Jer Schell of Four Nines Fine, one of the bands scheduled to play at Rock for Charity 2.0 who were unable to due to an emergency, won our 50/50 event draw. He donated all the money to EDOYR. Thanks Jer! Photo by: Leviana Coccia

In January, EDOYR hosted our very first Rock for Charity. Here, Natalia, Administrative Assistant, signed the famous walls of the El Mocmbo. Photo by: Leviana Coccia
Four Nines Fine left their mark in January, too. Even though the band couldn’t perform on Thurs., we still kept the band in our thoughts all throughout the night. Photo by: Leviana Coccia

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Thank you for making Rock for Charity 2.0 a success!

Thank you to everyone who made Rock for Charity 2.0 a great success! We exceeded our previous record set in January, thanks to all those who attended and generous donations from our friends. This was a great way to start the summer series of friend-raising events.

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Rock for Charity 2.0 to take over the El Mo in two days

Even though you don’t need me to tell you this, today’s weather was sweltering hot and the forecast predicts similar temperatures until Thursday.

By Thursday, you’re probably going to be craving a place where you can let your hair down, grab a drink, listen to some good music, party with a few friends and ultimately cool down, right? There is no better way to Celebrate Summer, if I do say so myself. If my assumption is incorrect, please do forgive, but I know what I’ll be doing on Thursday.

I’m going to Rock for Charity 2.0, a concert organized by friends of Eating Disorders of York Region where all proceeds will benefit the organization.

Members of EDOYR’s Circle of Friends have also planned a “Ladies Not Barbies, Men not Ken” photo booth, where for two-dollars a shot, you can get your photo taken on a hand-made beach set wearing summery props (I can’t give away too much. You’ll just have to come on Thursday to find out what types of props we’ll have). Photos will be taken by Meaghan DeClerq, a fourth-year Media Studies student at the University of Guelph-Humber who also has her own photography company called DeClerq Photography.

You can also participate in a 50/50 Event Draw. Two dollars will get you one ticket, three dollars will get you five and for $10, you’ll get an arm’s length! Not sure how 50/50 works? Well, after the ticket-buying has stopped, we’ll draw a winner. The winner will get half of the money raised during the draw and the other half will go to EDOYR. In other words: You could win some cash while still helping out a great cause. Win-win, yes?

Not to mention, we’ll also be selling our recently-made “Life in Balance” t-shirts and giving away “Show Your True Colours” buttons.

I know I’m really excited for Thursday (so excited that I’ve been having dreams of all the bands playing). Speaking of bands, you’ll get to see House of Coconuts, Ravyn Red (with special guests Andrew Ferguson, bass guitarist, and Tam Duong, guitarist and singer/songwriter),  Eric Conlon of Lambs Become Lions, Couriers, Four Nines Fine, Highway Lights and TNG perform LIVEl

See you all Thursday.

— Leviana Coccia

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Rock for Charity 2.0: Featuring Ravyn Red

On June 11, 2012, Ravyn Red came into the Eating Disorders of York Region studio where they talked about Rock for Charity 2.0, a volunteer-run concert where all proceeds will benefit EDOYR.

Rock for Charity 2.0 will take place on June 21. Doors open at 7pm. The show will begin at 7:30pm. Ravyn Red also performed their original song, “My Time.” 

Check out the Facebook event page for more information (and don’t forget to RSVP “YES!”).

Follow the event on Twitter.

Questions? E-mail